Collection: Maher Japanese Knives

Maher Japanese knives are a line of knives crafted by an Australian artisan with a passion for Japanese blades. Based in Maitland, NSW, Maher knives are mostly custom knives and Craig is one of a few makers in Australia that is a “fulltime knife maker”. Each knife is unique, hand made with high quality materials, no two will ever be exactly the same.

The blades are made from a high-carbon steel and feature a unique distal taper (thicker behind the heel and thinner at the end) for excellent edge retention and cutting quality. The handles are crafted from a variety of materials including timbers like Maple, Black Palm and Walnut Burl wood, or animal materials like antlers.

Maher Japanese knives are a beautiful and unique addition to any kitchen, perfect for both professional chefs and home cooks alike - perfect for all kinds of kitchen work.

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