Fujiwara, Gyuto, Japanese knife, chef knife, Teruyasu Fujiwara, Nakiri, 210mm
Teruyasu Fujiwara

Fujiwara Knives

If anyone was to look at the stock levels of Fujiwara, you’d see they are in a sad state.

With only a few available at the moment.
Anyone would think they are NOT one of my favourite knives.

Good news though, Fujiwara knives are due to arrive soon.

Well, actually they were meant to arrive last month but I am hopeful they should arrive very soon.
During this strange time of COVID-19 I guess there is not much certainty for a lot of things.

The feedback I received, plus sales suggested the western handle were the choice.
So this batch will be all western handle.

If you have not used a Fujiwara before…………you haven’t experienced Japanese knives at their peak.

Recommended for professionals or users with experience and solid cutting technique and knife care understanding/ knowledge.
These knifes are not toys.

About Fujiwara:

The Fujiwara family has been making blades for over 130 years.
Teruyasu Fujiwara is a 4th generation blade smith.
These knives are known for their rustic appearance obvious handmade imperfections.
They blur the line between art and tools.

Be forewarned: Fujiwara push the limits of RHC.
These knives are extremely hard and chip easily if mistreated.
However if treated well these knives should last a lifetime.