hitohira, funtana, japanese knife, gyuto, chef knife, ginsan

A Bunka knife is just like a Santoku. It is a hybrid between a Guyto (chef knife) and a Nakiri (vegetable knife)
A multi-purpose kitchen knife that is great for slicing, dicing and chopping.

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  • hitohira. chef knife, knives, japanese knife, bunka

    Hitohira Futana Bunka (All purpose Knife) Kuro, Nashiji, 170mm

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  • Hitohira futana, Japanese chef knife, chef knife, gyuto, ginsan, silver 3,

    Hitohira Futana S3 Bunka (All purpose Knife) 170mm

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  • Ohishi, knife,blue steel, hand made, japanese knife, chef knife, bunka

    Ohishi Bunka (All purpose Knife) Blue Steel #2, Nashiji, 170mm

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