Akifusa Gyuto (Chefs Knife) Super Blue Steel 210mm

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Akifusa Gyuto (Chefs Knife) Super Blue Steel 210mm

Akifusa is now based in Sanjo and represent some of Japans best makers including:
Mutsumi Hinoura, Hideo Kitaoka, Ikeda Yoshikazu and brands such as Tadafusa and Ohishi.

A Blue steel core will make quick work of prep jobs and hold its edge very well.  

The Super Blue Steel core and thin knife makes this an exceptional performing knife that holds an edge very well while being easy to sharpen. The super blue core steel is protected by a polished stainless steel cladding.


Stainless steel is regarded by many as not ideal for holding an edge and sharpness. (Subject to debate)
A lot of the prized Japanese steels lack stainless steel.
They have little corrosion resistance and may rust easily if mistreated.
This knife is stainless clad but still has a super blue steel core meaning you get the best of both worlds.
A high carbon cutting edge and some corrosion resistance on the outside.

The core steel will darken over time (patina) with use.
If you look closely at the pictures you can see the wavy cladding lines near the edge.
This is where the exposed core will patina, creating a visual contrast.

This knife comes with Akifusa’s classic D-shaped handle with a beautiful Ebony wood and a Pakka wood ferrule bolster.

*Be sure not to use steel wool on the outer cladding as it scratches easily.
Wash with hot soapy water and paper towel dry to help avoid corrosion. Knife oil is advised.
The core steel in this knife is subject to corrosion, so be sure to follow knife care instructions to help avoid surface rust.


Steel: Super Blue Steel w/ Stainless cladding
Finish: Polished (Migaki)
Blade length: 216mm
Blade thickness: 2.3mm
Overall length: 370mm
Blade Height: 46mm
Weight: 140g
RHC: 63
Bevel: Double
Handle: Right handed! D-Shape 

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 4 cm
Knife Length

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4 reviews for Akifusa Gyuto (Chefs Knife) Super Blue Steel 210mm

  1. yosep (verified owner)

    Very good customer service
    Enjoy using the knife
    Fast shipping

  2. Janet (verified owner)

  3. Daniel (verified owner)

    There is so much which can be said about this knife, from it’s simple yet beautiful looks to the balance of the blade. But the biggest comment i can make after using it for so long is how sharp it can get… Once you get yourself a proper Japanese knife like this one, you’ll realize how important it is to have a sharp knife in your life. Medial tasks such as cutting Potatoes and carrots become effortless with no pressure needed what so ever. Slicing and dicing onions become a pleasure with no fumbling and/or bruising of the vegetable. Sharpening is easy on a wetstone and is great when paired up with the Shapton series of wetstones. Would HIGHLY recommend this knife for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of high quality Japanese knives.

  4. Matthew Ivanov (verified owner)

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