Akifusa Sujihiki (Carving Knife) Super Blue Steel, 240mm

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Akifusa Sujihiki (Carving Knife) Super Blue Steel Core

Akifusa is obviously apart of the well known Akifusa range including Ohishi and Kitaoka.
Everything that has the Akifusa stamp seems to be of high quality and normally hard to get.
These knives are normally hard to get and very hot property with some waiting lists stretching out to years, or just closed to any new business.

The Super Blue Steel core and thin knife makes this an exceptional performing knife.
The stainless cladding making the knife more corrosion resistant.
The super blue core has an extremely high carbon content. This knife will form a patina along the core after use. This is a sign of quality.
If you look closely at the pictures you can see the wavy cladding lines near the edge. This is where the exposed core will patina.

All knives by Akifusa are hand sharpened.
A beautiful Ebony handle and a Pakka wood ferrule bolster

Up until now no one has been able offer these knives in Australia.
I am proud to be able to offer these knives to Newcastle and Australians.


Steel: Super Blue Steel w/ Stainless cladding
Blade length: 245mm
Blade thickness: 2.2mm
Overall length: 386mm
Blade Height: 35mm
Weight: 118g
RHC: 63
Bevel: Double
Handle: Right handed! D-Shape 

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 8.5 cm
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1 review for Akifusa Sujihiki (Carving Knife) Super Blue Steel, 240mm

  1. Lachlan (verified owner)

    This knife is outrageously sharp and with its long, slender blade, is able to make incredibly clean cuts. The asymmetric ebony handle is very comfortable and its light weight enables easy extended use.

    The core begins forming a patina quickly which creates added interest in the knife, evolving differently depending on the particular food being cut, throwing hues of blue, black and grey. This gives the knife a beautiful look unique to its owner.

    I’m very happy with this knife, I have found its performance to surpass other more expensive knifes in my collection and would quite readily purchase another Akifusa should I enter the market for another knife.

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