Atoma Lapping Plate w/ handle (140 grit):

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Atoma Lapping Plate w/ handle (140 grit):

This is one of the best flattening and Whetstone maintenance products out.

As whetstones are used they become wrapped and uneven.
Once they are used enough they can become useless if not flattened. (especially important for single edged knives)
This is where lapping plates are come in!

The problem is: most cheaper stone lapping plates can wear just like the stones themselves can.
Lapping plates can also become wrapped and useless if not flattened.

Unlike other flattening stones this one will not become even over time.

Used by many professional sharpeners in Japan.

If your serious about sharpening you will enjoy this!

Brand: Atoma
Origin: Japan
Length: 210mm
Height: 12mm
Width: 78mm
Weight: 700g

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Weight .766 kg
Dimensions 22 × 8.5 × 5.5 cm
Whetstones and Sharpening

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1 review for Atoma Lapping Plate w/ handle (140 grit):

  1. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Thought this was going to be too coarse, but actually was the perfect choice. Revitalised my Shun Whet Stones in 6000, 1000 & 500. In conjunction with the Tojiro TOGRIP Knife Sharpening Guide, gave brilliant results.

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