Hitohira Futana S3 Gyuto-Kiritsuke (Hybird) 240mm


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Hitohira Futana S3 Gyuto-Kiritsuke (Hybird) 240mm:

The Hitohira Futana series is well known for its cutting performance and high-quality steel used.

Hitohira Funtana series is a beautifully balanced knife series.
Able to cut through boneless meats, fruit and veg easily, yet not a super thin “laser” making it a bit more durable than other knives like Fujiwara.
These knives are beautiful work horses, with real Japanese cutting power.

This is the stainless variety.

This is a silver 3 steel knife (Ginsan)
One of my favorite steels for busy professional chef.

The best part about S3 steel is that is basically a stainless version of Shirogami (white) Steel.
S3 is a high Carbon knife that is a little more forgiving as far as maintenance are concerned.

About Kiritsuke: A Kiritsuke is a hybrid between a Gyuto (Chefs Knife) and a Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife)
A multi-purpose kitchen knife that is great for slicing, dicing and chopping.

In my experience the only drawback of silver 3 steel is that it doesn’t hold its edge quite as long as a blue or white steel (given good heat treatment), but the low maintenance makes up for it.
Perfect for a busy kitchen or home use.

Steel: Ginsan (Silver 3)
Finish: Nashiji (Rough looking)
Blade length: 245mm
Blade thickness: 2.0mm
Overall length: 402mm
Blade Height: 47mm
Weight: 171g
RHC: 62
Bevel: Double
Handle: Octagonal (Cherry Wood)

*These knives are stainless but will still corrode if given the right conditions

Additional information

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 2.5 cm
Knife Length

Knife Type

Steel Type


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