Knife Sheath (saya) Santoku 165mm


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Knife Sheath (saya):

A saya is a great addition to any knife purchase.
Providing protection and safe storage for your knife.
But ……Are sometimes difficult to find.
With the range of knife sizes and shapes avaivble it can be difficult to track down a saya that fits your specific knife.

We MAY have a solution,

Saya’s without pin holes drilled.

Saya’s without pin holes drilled provide knife lovers with a chance to drill the hole exactly where it is required. (includes pin)

Made in the USA from poplar.
A utility hardwood that is straight grained and lightweight.

* Includes pin
* If you purchased a knife and want a saya please contact us

Wood type: Poplar
Origin: Made in USA by EDRO
Knife Length: 165mm
Height at heel: 55mm
Overall length: 205mm


Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 1 cm
Knife Length



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