Maher Knives 26C3 Carbon Steel (Spicy White) Walnut Burl handle


Each knife is unique, hand made with high quality materials, no two will ever be exactly the same.

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Maher Knives 26C3 Carbon Steel (Spicy White) Walnut Burl handle:

Maher is a knife maker from Maitland NSW who mostly makes customs knives.
If your familiar with the Australian knife scene than Maher won’t be new news.

Craig is one of a few makers in Australia that is actual “fulltime knife maker”.
This is not a hobby.
His work very popular, and normally comes with many months in a waiting list.

Craig was made 2 knives for us.
No waiting list.
Available now.

A truly unique knife

“Each knife is unique, hand made with high quality materials, no two will ever be exactly the same.”

The distal taper (thickness of a knife from heel to tip) is a little different to most knives.
It starts off thicker behind the heel and gradually gets a lot thinner. The top end is very thin.
When I asked Maher about this he said:

“Definitely deliberate, I forge everything I make. So most of the taper is forged in.
I’m also a fan of thin tips but still having meat at the heel for heavier work…...”

“……I try to find a balance between what performs well but isn’t too thin…….I really enjoy cooking, and the geometry I use is what works for me in the kitchen.”

This creates a knife with a more durable heel and a tip that blasts through food.
Simple put: Very practical.

“I tend to aim for the first third of the blade being nice and thin actually.
I also find it also helps me to balance the knives, I always aim for a balance point on my makers mark.

That way I can use lighter handle materials and achieve a balanced blade.”

About 26C3 Carbon Steel (Spicy White):

26C3 is a very high carbon steel. Originally developed for making scalpels and razorblades.
It has very fine grain structure and the highest potential for sharpness.

Typical alloy composition:
Carbon – 1.25%
Chromium –0.30%
Manganese – 0.40%
Phosphorus – 0.020%
Max Sulphur – 0.010

Brand: Maher
Knife type: Gyuto (Chefs Knife)
Steel: 26C3 Carbon Steel (Spicy White), soft steel cladding (san mai)
Finish: Custom (Forced patina)
Blade length: 203mm
Blade thickness: 3.86mm@ handle, 0.75mm@ tip
Overall length: 354mm
Blade Height: 50mm
Weight: 202g
RHC: ?
Bevel: Double
Handle: Stabilized Walnut Burl handle G10 spacer

* This knife may patina over time or if mistreated. Normal Japanese knife care is advised. Check out Maher’s Care instructions also.

*Knife oil and Sabitoru Rust Eraser  is advised.

Maher’s Website:

Maher’s Instagram:

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 4 × 4 cm
Knife Length

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