Naniwa Whetstone Set 1000/3000

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Naniwa Whetstone Set 1000/3000:

This budget whetstone set is miles ahead with features.
Instead of one combination whetstone Naniwa has released an intelligent solution:
Two stones in one pack.
Complete with a storage case that doubles are a drying solution and a sharpening stand.

Better than your normal combination whetstone.
Two Stones in one Pack for the same price!

A versatile storage case that up until now only Shapton offer!

Sadly combination Stones are not always made by all companies and sometimes for good reasons.
Some include:
-Combo Whetstones should not be fully submerged for soaking: The two stones will expand at different rates and you risk cracking one side as a result.

-One side of the stone will likely wear faster than the other.

Both problems are circumvented thanks to Naniwa’s innovation.

I would recommend getting a lower coarse grit for knife repair and edge reshaping to make life easier. A 300-500 should be suffice.
Although you can sharpen on stands such as these, I recommend a Sharpening table/ Sink Bridge.


Length: 185mm
Height: 14mm
Width: 65mm
Weight: 939g

Care instructions
Soaking Time: about 15mins
Dry after use.
Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun.
Flatten regularly to avoid the stone becoming uneven.  

Additional information

Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 cm
Whetstones and Sharpening

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10 reviews for Naniwa Whetstone Set 1000/3000

  1. John C (verified owner)

    These stones are fabulous for the home “chef” who likes to keep their knives in tip top condition . Great price for 2 stones . The service from Blade Runner is impeccable. Extremely fast delivery . Do yourself a favour and give them a go .

    • Leigh (store manager)

      Thanks John,
      I just recieved the #220 grit Naniwa if you need a course grit stone (not on the webstie yet)
      Contact me for more info.

  2. Joel J (verified owner)

    Stones are exquisite, very luxurious feel. Getting two stones and a case for the price was exactly what I was after. 1000/3000 grit is the sweet spot for most people I suspect.

    Service from The Blade Runner was exceptional, I don’t normally leave reviews but I only pulled the trigger on these stones after the review from John above. Was very fast and professional, would definitely come back for more.

  3. Andrew H. (verified owner)

    Awesome product for a beginner like me. With the help from some YouTube videos, I managed to get my 10 year old German steel knives razor sharp (literally able to shave with) again with this whetstone set. I would highly recommend this set to anyone who wants to give whetstones a go but doesn’t want want to pay top dollar for something they may not be in to later on.

  4. William Chow (verified owner)

    Excellent whetstones and terrific value for money. You could spend more but I certainly wouldn’t recommend spending less, if you value your knives.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Christopher Barry (verified owner)

    Great Service, excellent product.

  7. Ben (verified owner)

    Excellent sharpening stones

  8. Jarrod H. (verified owner)

    Great stone at a good price. I bought this because I wanted a 3000 grit because I use the kings kds 1000/6000 and I wanted to go 1,3,6. Personally if I could only choose between the 1000/3000 naniwa and the kings kds 1000/6000, I’d choose the kings all day long. The kings is better personally at a similar price point. This however does not mean the naniwa is bad, it’s actually absolute excellent hence the 5 star. I like these stones. The case can be a bit difficult to use when sharpening as one side doesn’t stay down when trying to sharpen, however to remedy this I’ll just cut off 1 side of the case because meh. Awesome service on this site as usual.

  9. Mark Humphreys (verified owner)

    Great site timely updates fast service

  10. Michael Armstrong (verified owner)

    A great sharpening kit. Watched the video on the site how to and got to business. Yewww

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