Ohishi Sujihiki (Carving Knife) 240mm


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Ohishi Sujihiki (Carving Knife) 240mm is a Ginsan 3 steel knife. A great double bevelled slicing knife.
Ginsan steel is one of the best high carbon yet corrosion resistant steels used in knife making.
If you are a busy chef or work in a busy kitchen and you need a knife that is a perfect fusion of western style handle and Japanese steel than this is the knife for you.
The finish on these knifes are some of the best I’ve seen and definitely the best in their price range.

All knives by Akifusa are hand sharpened.

Ohishi Knives are a part of the well known Akifusa Range.
All knives by this company are extremely well made. From “the looks” to the quality of material, workmanship, all the way down to how it feels in your hand.
These knives are normally hard to get and very hot property with some waiting lists stretching out to years, or just closed to any new business.

Up until now no one has been able offer these knives in Australia.
I am proud to be able to offer these knives to Newcastle and Australians.

Steel: Ginsan Silver 3
Blade length: 244mm
Blade thickness: 2.02mm
Overall length: 370mm
Blade Height: 33mm
Weight: 158g
RHC: 61
Bevel: Double
Handle: Western (Pakka Wood)

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 8.5 cm
Knife Length

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