Tsubaki Oil (Knife oil) 100ml


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Tsubaki Oil is a food grade, non-rancid knife oil. (Do not use veg or olive oil)
Knife Oil is great at preventing surface rust or particularly good for knives that are not used as frequently. Example: Sashimi knives, Sujihiki etc

If you have a reactive knife steel like white steel or blue steel you should consider getting a rust eraser or knife oil, possibly  both depending on your circumstance,

The Samurai have been applying this oil for centuries. Tried and tested.
This is a must for anyone with reactive knives like white steel or blue steel.

To use: Apply this oil to blades to help prevent rust and tarnish.
Wipe away excess oil and store.




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Weight .165 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 15 × 8.5 cm
Whetstones and Sharpening

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