Victorinox Petty (Utility Knife) 10cm, serrated edge


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Victorinox Petty (Utility Knife) 10cm:

A cheap nylon handled knife by Victorianox.

Serrated edge: I work in a kitchen that cuts many 20kg bags of potatoes per week. This style of knife saves my kitchenhands around 3-5mins per bag.

Now let me explain myself here:
I love a high-quality knife more than anyone.
But as a chef I know that sometimes you need a knife that you can thrash and not have to worry about.
A knife that you can cut on a stainless-steel bench and NOT care.

Cutting pastry on a bench? Use this knife.
Need a cheap knife for kitchenhand prep jobs that you do not have to worry about them stealing? This is your knife!
Do not ruin your $200 handmade knife. Ruin this knife!

This is not a high-performance knife. It will not impress anyone………unless you are looking at the price. Stupid cheap.

Cutting pastry on a bench? Use this knife.

Dont ruin your $200+ handmade knife. Ruin this knife!


Steel: “…..Ice-tempered high carbon stainless steel……”
Blade length: 100mm
Blade thickness: 1.3mm
Overall length: 210mm
Blade Height: 16mm
Weight: 30g
RHC: 56
Bevel: Double
Handle: Black nylon

Item number 6.7733

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 2.5 cm
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