Yoshihiro Nakiri (Vegetable Knife) Kurouchi 165mm

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Yoshihiro Nakiri (Vegetable Knife) Kurouchi 165mm:

If you haven’t used any carbon steel before then you haven’t experienced superior knife quality.
Cutting power and edge retention that is normally unmatched by stainless knives.
A knife made in Osaka by Yamawaki Cutlery Co., Ltd.

Yamawaki Cutlery Co., Ltd. has been making knives and cutlery since 1952.

I actually stumbled upon Yoshihiro knives when I was at the Japanese knife museum in Sakai.
Yamawaki has knives in the museum.
The knife factory is only a couple blocks away from the Museum.

This knife is a high quality black forged white #2 steel, soft iron clad.
The Yew wood handle gives the blade a real unique colour contrast.
Another beautiful workhorse from a very renown maker in Sakai, Osaka.

*The steel in this knife is subject to corrosion, so be sure to follow knife care instructions to help avoid surface rust
(rust is iron oxide Fe2O3 and is harmless to the body.)

Steel: White Steel #2, soft iron clad
Finish: Tsuchime (hammered), Kurouchi (black)
Blade length: 170mm
Thickness: 3.2mm
Height: 50mm
Overall length: 320mm
Weight: 220g
RHC: 62-63
Bevel: Double
Handle: Octagonal

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 8.5 cm
Knife Length

Steel Type

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