As a chef of 14 years I am tired of the poor quality of knifes offered in Newcastle. A Chefs only option is to order online or to travel to Sydney.
Although I am not opposed to ordering online, some people refuse to purchase without seeing or touching a product.
I hope to fulfil both of those categories -offering an online option and (for those in my local area) a physical option.
I’m currently working with the legends in the seafood supplying business  “Shane’s Seafood” and I am around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area on a daily basis.
Shoot me a text or email if you want to check out a knife or get some advice.

Ragnar – our current Mascot and acting CEO.
Between licking himself and taking 20 naps a day he’s quite a busy man. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet this handsome man be sure to give him precisely  1.78 pats on his belly, anymore or less and he will surely mess your shit up – Making those Saturday night burns look like a cake walk through candy town.
Available only through feeding appointment 🙂