Collection: Akifusa Suminagashi - Aogami Super Kurouchi Tsuchime Japanese Knives

The Akifusa Suminagashi collections of Aogami Super Kurouchi Tsuchime Japanese kitchen knives are made with the famous Aogami Super Steel core*, carbon steel cladding, a Suminagashi-Tsuchime (hammered) finish, and a Kebony Maple** wood handle. 
Suminagashi translates to “floating ink” and refers to the unique pattern on the cladding. These Japanese knives were beautifully crafted, handmade in the very famous knife village of Takefu, Echizen- which is the same knife village as Hideo Kitaoka and Takeshi Saji and many other famous Japanese craftsmen.

The Aogami Super Steel core, also known as “super blue steel” or “blue paper steel”, is easy to sharpen while maintaining a sharp edge. This high-carbon steel is known for its excellent edge retention and ability to take a very fine edge.

Experience some of the best knife-making Japan has to offer, from one of Japan's up-and-coming blacksmiths, Yamamotouchi-Hamono.

*The core steel with these Japanese knives will darken over time (patina) with use and if you look closely at the pictures, you can see the wavy cladding lines near the edge - this is where the exposed core will patina with use.

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