Collection: Yanagiba Knives (Sashimi Knife)

Yanagiba is a Japanese kitchen knife, otherwise known as a sashimi knife or the famous one-sided Japanese slicing knife. This style of knife is great for working with fish, as the length of the Yanagiba knife ensures you can slice from heel to toe with one cut.

The design of the Yanagiba blade has a long and slim profile, and a thicker blade - usually with a single bevel grind and designed for right-handed use. Because it is an ideal slicing knife, it is primarily used for fish - mostly sashimi - however some chefs may use it to slice through other types of meat. Typical blade lengths range from 210mm up to 360mm, with the 270mm, 300mm, and 330mm sizes being quite popular.

Our Yanagiba Japanese knives are available in a range of steel and wooden handle designs, including the traditional octagonal and less common hexagonal styles. This is a knife best suited to professional chefs and highly experienced cooks.

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