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Kitaoka Yanagiba-Kiritsuke (hybrid) 240mm

Kitaoka Yanagiba-Kiritsuke (hybrid) 240mm

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Kitaoka Yanagiba-Kiritsuke (hybrid) 240mm:

Kiritsuke: In many Japanese restaurants only the head chef is allowed to use kiritsuke. Making them less popular or less seen.
The hybrid shape makes this style of knife less specialized, but more versitile.
Able to achieve fine cutting work with the tip and still being able to slice.

This knife is hand made by Hideo Kitaoka and is one of the few knives I stock that bears the mark of " Dentokougeshi"

The Dentokougeshi award is a given by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to a craftsman who engages in the production of traditional crafts.
It is not easy to acquire this award and is not accomplished in a short amount of time. There are few that have this award.
It is basically a sign of a skilled craftsman.
If a knife has this mark you can be pretty sure that it is of good quality.
There are many quality craftsmen without this award.
While is mark isn't too important as there are many talented craftsmen in Japan and also outside of Japan. It is however very interesting.

About Hideo Kitaoka: Hideo Kitaoka was born in 1950 and works in the Takefu kfinfe Village, Echizen City. From a young age Kitaoka began learning his craft from his father and now specializes in traditional single bevel knives.

This knife is made from blue steel #2 and has a beautiful ebony handle.

Steel: Blue (Aogami) #2, Carbon steel Clad
Blade length: 230mm
Blade thickness: 3.4mm (Above Heel)  2.2mm (Near Tip)
Overall length: 377mm
Blade Height: 36mm
Weight: 171g
RHC: 63-64

Bevel: Single, Right handed
Handle: Hexagonal, ebony handle




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