Collection: Kiritsuke-Gyuto (Hybird)

The Kiritsuke-Gyuto (hybrid) is a variant of the Japanese chef's knife (the Gyuto) and is often referred to as the double-bevel Kiritsuke due to the bevel on both sides of the blade (a typical Western style in knives). A normal chefs knife has more curvature to the knife profile than the Kiritsuke, which is longer than the Gyuto and has an angled tip. The Kiritsuke is excellent for slicing fish but can be more difficult to use due to the straighter profile of the knife, so is traditionally used only by executive chefs.

Kiritsuke-Gyuto is a hybrid of these two knife styles, making it an amazingly versatile and useful tool that can chop, dice and slice most food items. This knife is ideal if you push/pull cut, not recommended for people that rock/chop. Kiritsuke-Gyuto knives are typically between 240mm to 330mm in blade length, with the 270mm size being a popular alternative to the Gyuto.

Our Kiritsuke-Gyuto are available in a variety of steels and feature traditional octagonal handles in a variety of woods. This type of knife is recommended for those who love the style of the Kiritsuke (straighter profile and angled ‘reverse tanto’ tip), but are looking for more of an all-rounder knife.

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