Collection: Bunka (All purpose Knife)

Bunka is similar to a Santoku in that it is a multi-purpose kitchen knife, though it is not as commonly used as the Santoku currently. The Bunka design is a hybrid between a Gyuto (chef knife) and a Nakiri (vegetable knife), featuring a wider blade and triangle-shaped tip. These features make it a versatile knife, suitable for cutting vegetables, fish, and meats.

The pointed tip of the Bunka blade design enables the knife to be used for more intricate precision work such as a fine brunoise cut or scoring vegetables. The tip shape is also great for light butchering work with meat, such as getting under fat and sinew. As a multi-purpose kitchen knife, the Bunka style is great for slicing, dicing and chopping. Popular sizes for this knife style range from 165-180mm in length.

Our Bunka knives are double-beveled and available in a range of steel makes and handle designs, including traditional octagonal and D-shaped wooden handles. With outstanding cut quality, this high performance Japanese knife style is suitable for professional chefs and experienced home cooks.

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