Selling top tier Japanese knives, sharpening stones and tools, and accessories. Chef owned store selling high quality knives that create culinary experiences.

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Australia's Leading Japanese Knife Store

Real knives, recommended by a chef

The Blade Runner is a carefully curated, online knife shop run by me - Leigh - a professional chef from Newcastle, NSW, with over 20 years of culinary experience.

Over the past two decades, I've discovered and used some of the best knives available. I've also used some of the worst. And I know how hard it is to find top quality knives that will elevate your cooking experience. I've spent years building a small collection of high-quality Japanese chef knives that are examples of exceptional craftsmanship themselves and that make crafting a meal a joy.

From this passion, The Blade Runner was born. Basically, if I wouldn’t use it professionally, then I do not sell it.

There is a lot of junk and cheap knives available on the market: knives with Asian symbols and pretty packaging made to fool people, or knives that claim to “stay sharp forever”! Most of these are sold by "salesmen" or retailers that have never really used these knives for any extended period and in some cases, they haven’t used them at all.

The purpose of The Blade Runner is to provide an online store of genuinely good knives with a great edge, where you can shop with confidence knowing you will receive quality Japanese knives and accessories, recommended by a professional who knows how to use them.

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