Collection: Takeshi Saji Knives

Takeshi Saji knives are a line of high-end Japanese knives made by master blacksmith Takeshi Saji in Takefu city, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. The same knife village as Hideo Kitaoka, Nao Yamamoto, Kato, Kurosaki and many more.

Saji is the poster boy of elite Japanese knives and was awarded Traditional Master Craftsman in '92 by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade & Industry. Not many match his style, skill and quality. The level of craftmanship in his Japanese knives is highly regarded and exude luxury, skill and class. Takeshi Saji knives are hard to get and even harder to keep in stock.

These knives are renowned for their exceptional quality and precision, and feature blades made from SG2 steel, stainless damascus and Blue Steel #2 (Aogami), depending on the model. The unique forging processes used ensure each knife is beautifully unique and finishes may include Rainbow, Polished, Suminagashi (floating ink), and more. The handles are crafted from a variety of materials, including wood and horn for more unique styles.

Takeshi Saji knives are exceptional knives and a true collector's piece, beloved by professional chefs, home cooks, and Japanese knife enthusiasts.

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