Collection: Deba Knife (Fish Filleting Knife)

A Deba knife is a traditional Japanese-style fish filleting knife that features a thicker spine and is able to cut through fish or chicken bones and fillet at the same time. Most Deba knives may have a single or double-bevel grind, with a heavier and shorter build compared to other Japanese knives and also very different to traditionally flexible filleting knives.

The Deba is usually between 150mm-165mm in length, although it can be as long as 210mm as well. Although they are generally a specialist fish knife used for filleting and cleaning fish, the build of these knives work for other tasks such as breaking down meat and poultry. Deba knives excel at fish filleting, they are not intended to cut through bone.

Our Deba Japanese knives are available in a range of steels and wooden handle designs, including octagonal and D-shaped. This is an ideal style of Japanese knife for professional chefs and experienced cooks who handle fish frequently in their dishes.

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