Collection: Honesuki (Boning Knife)

Honesuki is a Japanese kitchen knife designed for de-boning and filleting fish or other meat - please note, this knife should not be used to split poultry or attempt to cut through bones. The triangular blade is both thinner and lighter than many of the Japanese style blades, and is best used for filleting and de-boning tasks.

The Honesuki features a narrow design with a ‘reverse tanto tip’ and ‘clip point’ design. This design increases tip strength and allows the blade to turn quickly while cutting. This allows it to easily pierce skin and meat to make precise cuts, work in joints or small spaces, trim fat and tissue, and cut around and along the bone. The ideal blade length for this type of Japanese knife is between 143-151mm.

Our range of Honesuki Japanese knives are available in a variety of steels and handle designs, including Western style and traditional octagonal. This knife style is best suited to experienced chefs and cooks, and ideal for professional cooking environments.

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