Collection: Petty (Utility Knife)

The Petty knife is a utility knife, a small blade style that is used in a great range of tasks. Its size and design allow the user to complete difficult kitchen tasks, such as trimming meat, slicing small food items, mincing herbs, peeling and segmenting fruit, boning poultry and fish and more.

Japanese petty knives are typically between 4-6" in blade length, about 1-2" longer than a paring knife, and tend to be better for producing cuts that are more precise than those you could achieve with a larger chef's knife. The smaller size of this blade style means they’re easy to use for most people, ranging from professional chefs to amateur cooks.

Our Petty knives come in a range of steels and wood handle designs, including Western style handles and more traditional octagonal handles. Most blades are double-bevel, meaning they are sharpened on both sides for a 50/50 balance (making it easy to use for right or lefted handed cooks), though you can also get some at more acute angles like 70/30.

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