Collection: Hideo Kitaoka Knives

About Hideo Kitaoka:

Hideo Kitaoka was born in 1950 and works in the Takefu Knife Village, Echizen City. From a young age Kitaoka began learning his craft from his father and now specializes in traditional single bevel knives. Some of his knives bear the mark of "Dentokougeshi". The Dentokougeshi award is a given by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to a craftsman who engages in the production of traditional crafts. There are few knife makers that have this award.
The blades are made from Hitachi’s famous high-carbon steel Blue (Aogami) steel #2 for exceptional sharpness. The octagonal handles are made from a beautiful Ebony wood.

These Japanese knives are the real deal. Handmade single bevel knives made by a Master of his craft: Hideo Kitaoka

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