Sharpening Hours:
Monday- Friday 10am-4pm 

Drop off at Throsby St Wickham is required.
Contact me to organise a drop time and I’ll provide the address.
 ( I sharpen from home 😉 This is not a shopfront )

*Each knife takes roughly 15-20mins 

or contact me via messenger. 

Whetstone sharpening done by hand.
This process may take longer than a belt sander, but I think gives a superior edge whilst loosing the minimal amount of steel off your blade.
*If you have Japanese Knife please DO NOT put it in a grinder or belt sander or any of those pull through sharpeners!

My sharpening progression.
Leather Strop
*Depending on the knife, steel type and application.

For steels, stones or sharpening products click here!

Knife sharpening guide (old but still very good)