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Hunter Valley Blades Gyuto (Chefs Knife) 1095 Steel by Tansu Knives #2

Hunter Valley Blades Gyuto (Chefs Knife) 1095 Steel by Tansu Knives #2

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Hunter Valley Blades Gyuto (Chefs Knife) 1095 Steel, 210mm by Tansu Knives

If you are into the handmade knife scene, you may have already of heard of Tansu Knives and Mert's work.
He has won many knife awards such as " best new maker" and "best kitchen knife" as well as featured in several knife magazines.
Also being from the Hunter Valley region he is a local. If you would like more info check out Tansu Knives instagram -- Hunter Valley Blades instagram or his website.

Mert's work focuses on what makes a knife great.
(steel type, heat treatment and edge geometry)

I am very proud to present another great Australian knife maker!

Mert's work focuses on what makes a knife great.
In my opinion, people often get too caught up in steel type and not enough emphasis is put on heat treatment and edge geometry.
Mert seems to excel at all of these things.

The handle is a D-shaped Bocote timber with a African Blackwood ferrule.

This knife as a Kuro (black) finish and is iron clad.
This knife will develop a patina with use.
Once a patina has developed the knife will not only have a unique look but a natural protective coating.
"A patina is a natural protective layer on carbon steels that protects the blade from further oxidation"

Non- stainless knives are some of my favorites.
They are almost like living tools that change over time, and tell a story.

"These are carbon, Initially they require bit more wiping but once the patina sets, it’s easy to take care of them".

*This knife is not a toy. It is extremely sharp. Please use care when using this knife to avoid injury.
*This knife is subject to corrosion, so be sure to follow knife care instructions to help avoid surface rust, also may rust easily if mistreated.
Be careful not to scratch off the black cladding. Once it has gone you can’t get it back!

Steel: 1095, Iron Clad
Finish: Kuro (Black),
primary bevels mirror polished by hand
Blade length: 225mm
Blade thickness: 4.5mm (Above Heel)  2.0mm (Near Tip)
Overall length: 371mm
Blade Height: 50mm
Weight: 253g
RHC: 63-64
Bevel: Double
Handle: D-shaped (right handed) Bocote, African Blackwood ferrule




Hi my name is Leigh, and I’m a chef from Newcastle Australia.

I’ve been cooking professionally for around 18 years in some of Australia’s top restaurants. (Currently cooking at Signal Box) 

I’ve created a small collection of high-quality Japanese Knives and Chef Knives that I recommend.
Basically, if I wouldn’t use it professionally then I don’t sell it! Read More


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