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Shapton Whetstone Lapping Plate (Restore Planer) w/ Powder

Shapton Whetstone Lapping Plate (Restore Planer) w/ Powder

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Shapton Whetstone Lapping Plate (Restore Planer) w/ Powder:

Shapton are known for making fast cutting, slow wearing, splash and go stones that are very impressive and also come with a extremely functional protective case.

This is their lapping plate .........and it is the best lapping plate I've used to date. (This is one hefty cast iron lapping plate).

As whetstones are used they become wrapped and uneven.
Once they are used enough they can become useless if not flattened. (especially important for single edged knives)
This is where lapping plates are come in!

The problem is: most cheaper stone lapping plates can wear just like the stones themselves can.
Lapping plates can also become wrapped and useless if not flattened.

Shapton's lapping plate is made from Iron and will not wrap or become uneven from use. (Much like Atoma's lapping plate.)
Shapton/Atoma are in a league of their own when it comes to lapping plates and a must for anyone who sharpens.
Used by many Japanese professional sharpeners.
Fast cutting and perfectly flat........all the time.


Lapping plates/Flattening stones are one of the most important stones in any sharpening set-up.

Shapton's lapping plate is fast cutting and perfectly flat........all the time.

Most lapping plates are the same size as stones and are applied to the top of the stone.
This hefty plate is put a down first and the stone applied to the lapping plate. (with slip resistant rubber pads)

Shapton lapping plate also comes with 2 powders. Coarse and Medium

".........For sharpening stones of 40 microns or above (320 or below), use coarse powder.

For stones of 4 to 30 microns (500 to 3000), you can use coarse powder initially if the stone is quite uneven, to scrape it roughly, but then use medium powder to relap it.
Normally only medium powder is needed.

For stones of less than 4 microns (4000 and above), you can use medium powder initially if the stone is quite uneven, to scrape it, but then use fine powder to relap it.............."


**Please read instructions before use. The lapping plate may rust after use. "...... if the NAORU appears to ‘rust’ during storage, that will not affect its performance........"

*The package sold by Shapton does NOT include the fine powder normally. 
Fine powder is sold & included with this kit!

Steel: Cast iron
Length: 250mm
Width: 100mm
Height: 30mm
Weight: 1.885 kg




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