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Tojiro Sink Bridge

Tojiro Sink Bridge

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Sharpen your knives over a sink like a pro.

Most people with whetstones (that worth a few hundred dollars) only have a flimsy rubber matt to keep their expensive stones in place, or to stop them from shattering from a fall.

This sturdy sink bridge allows you to sharpen your knives securely without making a mess over a sink or even a hotel pan filled with water!
With rubber stoppers at each end, it will securely fit in most small/medium sinks.
You can then secure your stone to the bridge and sharpen your knives without brushing your knuckles.

A must for anyone who sharpens regularly.

Beware cheap imitations that are not sturdy and do not hold the Whetstone in place!

*Stone holders do not fit into the Tojiro sink bridge and are not required or necessary.
This is a stone holder and sink bridge in one.
If you have a Naniwa sink bridge (or similar) you may want to use a stone holder.

Leigh's Advice:
1) This fits into small sinks and 1/2 gastro pans.
This is the sink bridge I use. The smaller size is the selling point for me, and I have a smaller sink.
2) Buy a cheap 1/2 gastro to provide comfort and extra height while sharpening. Your back will thank you later.
3) ***Be aware! ***Some stones don't fit in this holder. This is designed for Tojiro stones with a base attached or stones similar.
Example: Shapton stones require you to use the plastic case in order to get clearance.
Another solution (and the one I use) is stone stacking.
You put a stone at the bottom and stack another stone on top with chux/paper towel in-between to get the height required.
As seen in my Sharpening Guide Video
4) Other types of sink bridges require you to buy a stone holder also. This one doesn't, and most stone holder don't fit.




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