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Brook Turner, Gyuto (Chefs Knife) 215mm #2

Brook Turner, Gyuto (Chefs Knife) 215mm #2

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Brook Turner is a Australian knife maker from the northern beaches of Sydney.
All Brook's knives have a beautiful finish and a very clean look.

The shape of the knife has a semi flat belly making it extremely good for push cutting, or rocking with a lot of versatility.
There is a large range of tasks this knife can achieve. Making it a very good choice for anyone in need of one knife to do it all.
The only downside is that it doesn't rock as well as some knives.

The distal taper is gradual with the blade starting at 2.68mm near the handle and thinning to less than a 1mm at the tip!
The knife has a slight finger hook making it sit in the pinch grip very comfortably.

The handle needs no description at all.
Amazing work.

Being Nitro V Stainless this blade is extremely corrosion resistant.
If you can make this knife corrode in any way your doing something very wrong!  

This knife, like all Brook's beautiful work is a one of a kind.

I am proud to present another locally made knife with high quality steel.

Steel: Nitro V Stainless
Blade length: 215mm
Blade thickness: 2.68mm
Overall length: 364mm
Blade Height: 50mm
Weight: 203g
RHC: 61
Bevel: Double
Handle: Octagonal, Black Palm/ Maple Burl

*Don't like the handle or blade? Get a custom made knife by contacting Brook at


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Hi my name is Leigh, and I’m a chef from Newcastle Australia.

I’ve been cooking professionally for around 18 years in some of Australia’s top restaurants. (Currently cooking at Signal Box) 

I’ve created a small collection of high-quality Japanese Knives and Chef Knives that I recommend.
Basically, if I wouldn’t use it professionally then I don’t sell it! Read More


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