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Dexter Russell Slotted Fish Turner- Rosewood Handle

Dexter Russell Slotted Fish Turner- Rosewood Handle

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Dexter-Russell Slotted Fish Turner w/ Rosewood Handle:

Heavier, stronger, and wider than the Nogent fish flip.

 Made in USA since 1818

After having trouble finding this product as a chef, I decided to stock it!
Ideal for fish, eggs or anything delicate (whilst removing minimal oil leaving it in your pan or flattop.)

The construction is from stainless steel with a Rosewood handle and brass rivets.

Leigh’s 2 cents: After hearing about Nogent being discontinued  I decided to try this product.
I've been trailing this fish turner for a few months now and I have found it to be heavier, stronger and wider than the Nogent.
It is also stiffer than the Nogent which tends to be a bit flexible after a few hard months in the kitchen
If the two products were available today I would still be using Dexter and recommending it also.

Steel: Stainless w/ brass rivets
Length: 280mm

Width: 75mm (max) / 3 inches 
Weight: 90g
Handle: Rosewood




Hi my name is Leigh, and I’m a chef from Newcastle Australia.

I’ve been cooking professionally for around 18 years in some of Australia’s top restaurants. (Currently cooking at Signal Box) 

I’ve created a small collection of high-quality Japanese Knives and Chef Knives that I recommend.
Basically, if I wouldn’t use it professionally then I don’t sell it! Read More


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