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Morihei Fish Tweezers 120mm

Morihei Fish Tweezers 120mm

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Morihei Fish Tweezers 120mm:

Morihei fish tweezers are perfect for salmon bones and other fish pin bones.
The polished stainless steel makes them resistant to corrosion.
Not just easy to use, but easy to care for also.
Comfortable in hand and a wider grip makes them these tweezers ideal.

A beautiful set of polished tweezers from a respected maker in Japan.

About Morihei:
Morihei is a knife and whetstone supplier located in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. They have been a part of the industry for over 100 years, including the predecessor of Morihei “Oguro-Morihei-Shouten“. At one point in time, more than 20 groups of blacksmiths and sharpeners were working exclusively under Morihei. They are one of the only companies in Japan with a long-standing history of relationships with blacksmiths and whetstone and natural stone makers that still exists today.

Leigh's advice: Cheap tweezers are like a bad joke. They will have you pulling your hair out and wishing you spent the extra $10 on a decent pair.
This shape and style is what I've found to be best for pin boning a lot of salmon fillets, quickly.
Get these or the Global tweezers,




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