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Naniwa Whetstone Set 1000/3000

Naniwa Whetstone Set 1000/3000

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Naniwa Whetstone Set 1000/3000:

This budget whetstone set is miles ahead with features.
Instead of one combination whetstone Naniwa has released an intelligent solution:
Two stones in one pack.
Complete with a storage case that doubles are a drying solution and a sharpening stand.

Better than your normal combination whetstone.
Two Stones in one Pack for the same price!

A versatile storage case that up until now only Shapton offer!

Sadly combination Stones are not always made by all companies and sometimes for good reasons.
Some include:
-Combo Whetstones should not be fully submerged for soaking: The two stones will expand at different rates and you risk cracking one side as a result.

-One side of the stone will likely wear faster than the other.

Both problems are circumvented thanks to Naniwa’s innovation.

I would recommend getting a lower coarse grit for knife repair and edge reshaping to make life easier. A 300-500 should be suffice.

Length: 185mm
Height: 14mm
Width: 65mm
Weight: 939g

Care instructions
Soaking Time: about 15mins
Dry after use.
Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun.
Flatten regularly to avoid the stone becoming uneven.  




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