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Naniwa Whetstone Set 220/1000/3000

Naniwa Whetstone Set 220/1000/3000

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Naniwa Whetstone Set 220/1000/3000

This budget whetstone set is miles ahead with features.

OK, so the main problem in knife sharpening is there isn't any one stone that will do everything.
You normally need a rough, medium and fine stone to get decent results. 

A Naniwa 1000/3000 or King 1000/6000 will get you started if you have a new knife.
...........and here is the next issue: I always advise people to practice on their old knives before trying their luck on a recently bought knife.
If you have a old knife the 1000 grit isn't going to do the job or you will spend a lot of time trying to get a burr on your super old, dull knife.

I offer a complete set in the Shapton series but up until now there hasn't been a cheaper set option to get you started.
Complete with a storage case that doubles are a drying solution and a sharpening stand.

Better than your normal combination whetstone.
Rough, Medium and Fine. 3 Stones in one set to get you started!

A versatile storage case that up until now only Shapton offer!

Although you can sharpen on the stand/case provided, I recommend a Sharpening table/ Sink Bridge.


Length: 185mm
Height: 14mm
Width: 65mm
Weight: 1340g

*The protective case only fits 2 stones and not 3.
Although all made by Naniwa and intended to be used together, it is not sold as a set.
The set is made by The Blade Runner.

Care instructions
Soaking Time: about 15mins
Dry after use.
Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun.
Flatten regularly to avoid the stone becoming uneven.




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I’ve created a small collection of high-quality Japanese Knives and Chef Knives that I recommend.
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